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Berlin Wall

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The history of the Berlin Wall from the construction, development, shelters and other information



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Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall ran right through Berlin.

The wall was during the division of Germany more than 28 years (13 August 1961 - 09 November 1989) a border fortification system along the border between the Western sectors of Berlin and the eastern part of the city.

Today is hardly anything to see the wall. In some places, a copper tape was admitted into the street, instead of the wall. parts of the Berlin Wall can be seen in Bernauer Strasse, Niederkirchnerstraße and Mill Street.

City guide and city tours (Stadtrundfahrt) take you directly to the Berlin Wall.

Note: Not all parts of the walls of Souveniersständen are genuine. Request a certificate.

Berlin Wall

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Berlin Wall

History Berlin

The Berlin Wall was more than 28 years, a border defense system along the border between the Western sectors of Berlin and the eastern part of the city.

In East Berlin Wall was referred to as "anti-fascist protection wall". Purpose was to prevent the escape of the East Berlin to West Berlin. This was there as "illegal border crossing" (Republic of flight) and was criminalized.

The Berlin Wall was part and at the same time striking symbol of the conflict during the Cold War between the Western powers and the Soviet bloc.
Divided city of Berlin with the course of the Berlin Wall
History Berlin Wall
From 13 August 1961 until 9 November 1989, she separated within the four-sector city created by the post-war order of the victorious Allied powers of the urban area of Greater Berlin in two parts: Berlin (West) and East Berlin.

The wall surrounded entirely Berlin (West) because it was surrounded by East German territory.

For the border guards in East Berlin was in cases of the order to fire. In trying to overcome the 167.8 km long and heavily guarded border fortifications towards West Berlin, over 206 people were killed.